What are your hours?

We are open seven days a week, year round.

Spring 11am-5pm
Summer 9am-7pm
Fall 11am-6pm
Winter 12pm-5pm

What are the age and size restrictions?

There is no age restriction. The minimum height is 5′ tall. The maximum weight is 250lbs.

Do I need experience?

Nope! Anyone can come and enjoy the excitement.

Tell me about the track.

The track is 1400 meters long, featuring camel backs, doubles, and singles.

What brand are the bikes?

All bikes are Zero brand.

What clothing should I wear?

Long pants, with covered shoes. Long sleeve shirt suggested but not required.

Do I need to bring any other equipment?

No. Helmets, gloves and goggles are available for rental. ($5 a set)

What can I expect?

A FUN time! Whether you want an easy ride or to tear up the track, we can accommodate. We will brief you on safety before you get ready to ride. As long as you are wearing your gear and take our safety instructions to heart you will be A-Okay.

Can I schedule group events?

Sure! Want to have a party with your friends? Need a corporate getaway? Y’ll need to blow off some steam? Bring the whole group! we can accommodate groups of up to  15 people. 8 riders on the track at a time. Check out what types of parties come to the track. Click here.