If you’re looking for an exhilarating, off-the-beaten-path activity, then set your sights on Dark Green Motorsports. Created by avid outdoorsman and seasoned motorcycle enthusiast Stephen Salzman, Dark Green Motorsports is the first electric motorcross track in the country. Nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the track offers an incredible outdoor experience that’s as beautiful as it is thrilling.

Designed by experienced track racers, the 1,400 meter track has all the thrills veteran racers crave! If you’re an experienced rider who loves whoops, hops, table tops, and doubles, you’ll be sure to get your adrenaline fix at this track. But if you’re a first-timer, not to worry. The track is set up so that you can take everything at your own pace and the Zero Motorcycles used at the track can be programmed to go the speed that is most comfortable for you.

Riding our Zero Motorcycles really is as easy as…well, riding a bike! There is no clutch, transmission, gears, or foot brake. And best of all the bikes run on no fuel and are virtually silent, so you’re able to take in nature while not destroying it.

The track is open to riders seven days a week (weather permitting) and can accommodate up to eight riders at a time. Appointments are recommended and , drop-ins are welcome too, just call before you arrive to make sure the track isn’t already booked.

If you’re interested in making your trip to Dark Green Motorsports an overnighter, we can direct you to some terrific accomidations to use as a home base. You can also book the track for your exclusive use by the hour or by the day. Book the track for a couple of days or just use Dark Green Motorsports as a home base while exploring other activities in the North Carolina mountains. Lessons and gear is provided at an additional fee.

At Dark Green Motorsports, whether you love motorcycles or have never been on a bike before, we’re committed to providing a family-friendly, fun experience that’s exciting for everyone. We hope to see you out on the track soon!

Our Staff

Stephen Salzman—Founder, CEO, Motorcycle Enthusiast
Originally from Miami Beach, Florida, Stephen Salzman is a long-time athlete, thrill-seeker, and entrepreneur. He has combined his love of the outdoors and spirit for adventure to create Dark Green Motorsports. In addition to being a bike enthusiast and business owner, he is also a pilot.

Terrell Hammel—Manager, Webmaster, Sustainability Enthusiast
From Miami, Florida, Terrell has a background in systems management, marketing, and outdoorsmanship. As a management, and marketing pro as well as Eagle Scout, he provides support in any area necessary at Dark Green Motorsports. Follow him on Facebook here or on twitter @thammel